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The 'value' of the unit may be that of the 'parts'.  Are there any options?

I have nine 5061A'a and B's and it has been my experience that if it has the 'High Performance Cs Tube', option 004, it likely has a dead tube.

If it has option 001, 002, or 003 (clock, battery backup, or both), there is likely some additional 'value' in the unit from the perspective of 'spare parts'.  Absent option 004, the tube might be 'resurrectable' if you have the proper equipment, including a HV power supply capable of 4KV+ voltage with appropriate current.  Even if so, the 'survival' after the 'resurrection' might be very limited.

I have a unit that I am able to resurrect with an external HV supply of about 5 KV over a couple of days but, eventually, it becomes 'non-op' as the ion pump 'pegs out'.  Not completely sure that this is not a failure of the A18 assembly.

If there are 'spare' tubes available, I would love to hear about them.

Hope this helps.


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Hello Time Nuts Friends,

I have acquired an HP 5061A off of EBAY and I believe the cesium beam tube may be bad. The ion pump meter pins out and never comes down to a reasonable level. I don’t have an external HVPS to check the tube as suggested in the manual. I’m thinking the worst here… that the tube is probably bad. The seller listed it “For Parts” and the usual “I have no way of checking it.” Fortunately, he has a 14 day return policy. He’s offered me $400 to keep it. I have $725 in it.

My question to the group is… are there replacement tubes available? Any suggestions on what to do with it if I can’t get a replacement tube?

Thanks in advance,

Dave Smith / W6TE
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