[time-nuts] The USFS Frequency Standard...

Burt I. Weiner biwa at att.net
Fri Feb 10 15:47:16 EST 2017

Technically speaking, the United State Frequency Standard (USFS) is 
still considered to be transmitted via WWVB on 60 kHz, essentially 
making WWVB the USFS.  But is WWVB still a usable frequency standard 
reference since they've gone to phase shifting their signal for time 
keeping purposes?  Will GPS become the "official" USFS reference signal?

Is there a 60 kHz WWVB receiver out there that can still be used as 
reference?  Is there a commercially made receiver out there that now 
uses the phase shifting technique of WWVB for accurate time keeping?

Have I missed something?

Burt, K6OQK

Burt I. Weiner Associates
Broadcast Technical Services
Glendale, California U.S.A.
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