[time-nuts] Line Frequency standard change - Possible ?

David davidwhess at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 08:11:16 EST 2017

On Thu, 9 Feb 2017 17:19:49 -0500, you wrote:

>Isn't this "hard" lock to UTC creating a single point of failure? A 
>solar burst, an EMP, or
>a software error could leave us all in the dark.   After all, smart 
>inverters could be
>programmed to act like big lumps of rotating iron and be compatible with 
>the current

I have the same concern.  I am dubious of tying power grid reliability
to GPS reliability and doubly so in a threat environment which
includes hostile actors.  And if an alternative more reliable timing
standard was used then why use GPS at all?

Inverters lack the overload capability and resistance of rotating iron
unless they are overbuilt in which case they would be uneconomical.

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