[time-nuts] Line Frequency standard change - Possible ?

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at phk.freebsd.dk
Sat Feb 11 15:08:49 EST 2017

In message <006a1c6a-0b2f-16fd-5fef-64352ff14488 at earthlink.net>, jimlux writes:
>On 2/9/17 4:03 PM, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
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>> In message <63beea7a-f9fc-6e1d-b855-2c7056de3cc7 at earthlink.net>, jimlux writes:
>>> I think also of the issues from distributed generation - consider a
>>> rooftop solar installation with 20 or so MicroInverters, all "slaved" to
>>> the line.  Just from manufacturing variations, I suspect each
>>> microinverter is a little bit different than the others.
>> Surprising there is almost no variation, because it hurts badly on
>> both your nameplate efficiency and thermal design.
>I was thinking about phase stability and "matching" to the grid.. each 
>microinverter (in a short time sense) might have a different phase 
>relationship (which turns into power factor), essentially introducing 
>some "noise" into the system.

At least here in Europe, the eletricity grids were very hostile
to solar initially and therefore the electrical requirements
for approval ended up being very strict, so basically no:  Solar
inverters had to be model citizens noisewise to get installed.

>HV AC lines have exactly the same problem, the switches carry enough 
>energy that "quenching" the arc is by no means assured through the zero 

It is not by any means *assured*, but at least it is *possible*.

Not so with HVDC.

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