[time-nuts] Vintage Frequency Measurement

Robert Atkinson robert8rpi at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Feb 12 12:16:18 EST 2017

In a word,Wavemeters. Classic US onwas the BC221 with built in 100kHz crystal calibrator
British was the "Class D"http://www.royalsignals.org.uk/photos/classDno1.htm

For UHF and Microwave it was Lecher lines or cavity wavemeters.
Robert G8RPI.

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 Subject: [time-nuts] Vintage Frequency Measurement
I was inspired recently coming across a Lampkin 105 frequency meter, as to
how  frequency measurement was done before counters.

Certainly zero-beating a dial calibrated oscillator, would be one approach.

Is there a standout methodology or instrument predating counters?
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