[time-nuts] u-blox NEO-M8T GPS initial tracking test

MLewis mlewis000 at rogers.com
Sun Feb 12 18:21:33 EST 2017

On 12/02/2017 1:50 PM, Pete Stephenson wrote:
> What firmware version are you using? Are you sure it's an authentic 
> u-blox receiver? There's a bunch of fakes out there that identify as 
> u-blox but lack some functionality. I recently purchased an M8T and 
> the UBX-MON-VER message shows the firmware version as "EXT CORE 3.01 
> (111141)". What version are you running? 

Your M8T must be newer product (seems to be spring/summer 2016 onward) 
to have shipped from the factory with 3.01 TIM firmware that supports 
Galileo, seemingly to the same configuration table provided with the SPG 
3.01 release notes.

Although purchased in early December, my M8T has the older 2.3 TIM firmware.

at forum.u-blox.com:

The 2.30 TIM firmware will not support Galileo. It is not recommended to 
use the SPG (Standard Product) 3.01 firmware to the NEO/LEA-M8T as you'd 
lose timing functionality, and have no route back.

... historically u-Blox has not release firmware updates for timing 
products publically, only in parts direct from the factory.
... it is probably a factory-only option, which would align with 
previous policies not to release Timing firmwares publically.

In discussion: that after the Galileo constellation has completed its 
validation phase, the 3.01 TIM firmware that is already shipping with 
newer product may come available.

There is some hope. Various comments in the forum imply the 3.01 TIM 
firmware is available, at least to valued commercial clients, via 
official support channels.


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