[time-nuts] Vintage Frequency Measurement

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Hi Dan yes that is 5e-6 about all an unstabilised (temp) AT could hold for 
any period. I guess there were no WWV or MSF signals around then. When a 
good source was available off-air it was possible to do better than that. In 
service it was probably "dont waste time trying to better the minimum 
requirement. The transmitter you are looking for wont be that accurate or 

In 1960s I saw several BC-221s in the racks at the Rugby LF and HF stations 
acting as standby frequency sources (VFO) for rapidly running up a 
transmitter on an unusual frequency (not a normal route) for which they did 
not have a crystal available.

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> To put BC-221 things in perspective, the 1 Mc/s reference crystal was 
> adjusted, according to the manual, to within 5 c/s...
> Things have come a ways since!
> Dan
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