[time-nuts] TICC shipments

John Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com
Mon Feb 13 17:24:50 EST 2017

Hi All --

The production batch of TICCs has arrived at TAPR and the first 
shipments to customers are going out today.  It will probably take 
another few days to get them all sent -- there are nearly 100 units 
going out the door!

As previously mentioned, the TICCs have been loaded with software and 
tested, so they should be "plug and play" when they arrive.

I've been working on the user guide, and while it's still a bit rough, I 
think it's fairly complete.  You can download it from


The installed software version is "20170108.1" Since then, I've 
implemented a couple of new features, including semi-tested code for 
slaving multiple TICCs into a 4 or more channel counter (semi-tested 
because I still only have one unit!), and a polling capability in 
addition to the normal "talker" mode.

The updated source code is available at


If you don't want to install the Arduino IDE and build/upload the code 


contains a compiled version, as well as a simple Windows tool to upload 
it into the Arduino.  The User Manual has instructions on how to do the 



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