[time-nuts] Vintage Frequency Measurement

John Miles john at miles.io
Mon Feb 13 19:39:47 EST 2017

Agreed, it's probably reasonable to say that a real absorption  wavemeter would (a) have to have a meter or some other visual indicator; and (b) likely be powered exclusively by the energy its tank circuit "absorbs."  The BC221/LM boxes fall a little short of both requirements.  

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> Hi
> With a VFO running, you have a heterodyne frequency meter. That is (at
> least to me)
> a very different device than an absorption wave meter. I know way to put
> power into
> a BC-221 and use it as an absorption device.
> I’m not in any way saying that the LM or the 221 are less useful. They are still
> to this day
> great little boxes. The just aren’t (by my understanding) wave meters. That
> term describes
> a different device that works a different way.
> Bob

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