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The link gives an error, but I have no doubt that the meaning of the term varies a bit. 
Thanks for the reference. I’ll try to get it working from here. 


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> Hi,Sorry if I caused confusion by calling the SCR/BC221 a wavemeter. Clearly it's not in the wider usage of the term, and the manual and front panel call it a frequency meter. However the similar British device was called a wavemeter "Wavemeter Class D" http://www.vmarsmanuals.co.uk/archive/724_Wavemeter_Class_D_No2_Working_Instructions.pdfSo here in the UK the 221 was often also called a wavemeter. Classic wavemeters were also available for example the Marconi TF975.
> Robert G8RPI.
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> Hi
> With a VFO running, you have a heterodyne frequency meter. That is (at least to me)
> a very different device than an absorption wave meter. I know way to put power into
> a BC-221 and use it as an absorption device. 
> I’m not in any way saying that the LM or the 221 are less useful. They are still to this day
> great little boxes. The just aren’t (by my understanding) wave meters. That term describes
> a different device that works a different way. 
> Bob
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