[time-nuts] Vintage Frequency Measurement

Mike Millen mike.millen.uk at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 01:40:42 EST 2017

It may be that they were all once regarded as Wavemeters, i.e. for 
measuring wavelength, but there was a distinction that is often 
dropped... the Absorption Wavemeter, as opposed to the "normal" variety.

Much like a video recording almost universally referred to as a 
"video"... a video what?  :-)


On 15/02/2017 22:54, Bob Camp wrote:
> Hi
> Silly Canadians :)
> It seems that the term either has drifted a bit over the last 70 years or there is indeed
> another British / US difference here.
> Bob
>> On Feb 15, 2017, at 5:00 PM, iovane--- via time-nuts <time-nuts at febo.com> wrote:
>> This Canadian RCA apparatus was also called wavemeter but is a heterodyne
>> frequency meter and a signal generator.
>> https://www.pa3esy.nl/military/us/meet/TE149/html/te149_set-gb.html
>> iov

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