[time-nuts] Have done some more cutting on the Cs beam tube

Skip Withrow skip.withrow at gmail.com
Sat Feb 18 20:18:15 EST 2017

Hello Time-Nits,

Ended up with a little free time and the saw nearby, so did some more
cutting on the cesium beam tube today.  Links to some pictures are provided
for your enjoyment.


The first shot shows the new surgery.  There is a U shaped metal shield
around the microwave waveguide (the copper portion) and I removed a section
from most of one side.  This shield has the coil of yellow wire at the
bottom.  I also cut a window (removing the bottom and side) in the next
shield out that is kind of a cross between a V and U shape.


The second shot shows the cut out shields again at a slightly different
angle.  The beam path is from the NW to the SE in the picture (north up).


The third shot shows the beam path pretty well.  You can see the holes for
the beam in the ends of the Y shaped waveguide (RF enters the bottom of the
Y).  You can also see another coil around the beam path, I take it this is
the C-field coil.  A think the coil around the bottom of the shield is the
degaussing coil.  The four wires that you see are the connections for these
two coils.


The last shot shows the whole tube as it stands now.  Now to find the time
to cut a wooden base and fashion a couple of standoffs to set it on.


Skip Withrow

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