[time-nuts] Timelab question

John Miles john at miles.io
Tue Feb 21 16:56:16 EST 2017

> John,
> I apologize.  I was mistaken in my question.  Under wine it behaves poorly,
> but that's to be expected.  Under XP in a Virtual box, it works as you say.  The
> same in a real Win 10 box.  The problem is actually that I was expecting the
> "No" box to be checked, and to require the user to change it to "Yes" if he
> really wanted to exit.  So, if I press the Enter key to get rid of the dialog box,
> the program exits.

I see what you mean.  I've got a couple of other minor tweak requests lined up for the next beta, so I'll add MB_DEFBUTTON2 to those prompts to keep that from happening.

If Wine is interpreting a second Escape keypress as 'Yes', then that's definitely a bug on their part.  Worth reporting to them if it still happens in the current version.

-- john
Miles Design LLC

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