[time-nuts] Timelab question

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 21 18:35:43 EST 2017

At one time Timelab worked well for me under Wine.  It's been years since I tried it.

I recently got in a TAPR TICC and am in the process of adding time interval counter support to Lady Heather.   It's not even remotely as nifty as Timelab (and never will be),  but it does run under Windows / Linux / macOS and FreeBSD.  It can calculate and plot ADEV/HDEV/MDEV/TDEV.  The code supports up to 4 simultaneous channels of TICC data (but the TICC is currently a 2 channel device).  

Besides the TICC it should work (single channel) with HP53xxx counters and counters that output time stamps or time intervals in "talk only" mode. There is the possibility of supporting more than one counter device...  Heather can now handle up to 10 com devices and TCP/IP links.

I plan to package up my TICC and a couple of TADD-2 Mini dividers with a RPI-3 and the 7" touchscreen display and an Osciiloquartz 8663 DOXCO to make a small ADEV analyzer box.


> Wine is just a mess as far as Timelab is concerned.  Most of the time it doesn't display the plot area.  I've pretty much given up on it.

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