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Bill Hawkins bill.iaxs at pobox.com
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In the confusion, I forgot that we are concerned with gravitational time
dilation, not time of flight.

The University of Minnesota has a lab about 2500 feet down in the Soudan
mine. The following is their brief description:

"The Soudan Underground Laboratory is a general-purpose science
facility, which provides the deep underground environment required by a
variety of sensitive experiments."

Here's a link to the Soudan page:

Why is it named Soudan? The original miners found northern Minnesota to
be extremely cold at times, so they named the town for someplace warm.

Let me know if you are seriously considering this, and I will find a
contact for you.

Bill Hawkins

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From: Bill Hawkins [mailto:bill.iaxs at pobox.com] 
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Neutrinos? Look up the OPERA experiment that measured neutrinos going
faster than light. Turned out to be a loose optical fiber connector to a
timing instrument.

Fermi Lab has/had the MINOS experiment going 500 miles from Chicago to a
mine in northern Minnesota. The generated neutrinos go through Wisconsin
but are not noticed there, AFAIK.

Bill Hawkins (Resident of Minnesota, but not a physicist, just a BSME)

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From: Bob Stewart
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Have you been in touch with Fermi-Lab?  They run a neutrino experiment
with a receiver somewhere underground in Wisconsin.  At least that's
what I recall.  I used to live next to a Physics professor who has a
minor part in the experiment.  I'm not even sure what sort of data they
collect there; whether it's time or something else.

Bob Stewart (Not a physicist) 

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