[time-nuts] TTimelab question

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 21 23:45:06 EST 2017

I doubt that it is something TAPR would do.   Building complete systems gets into all sorts of issues (mainly regulatory).   But it is easy enough to build.   They sell a nice case that the RPI3 and touchscreen mounts in.  The PI+touchscreen+case sells for around $110.   The TICC(s) connect to it via USB.  

There are also some Win10 tablets with 1024x600 touch screens that sell for around $60 (apparently Microsoft doesn't charge manufacturers for Win10 on tablets with small/low res screens).

I  am thinking about laying out a front-end board for the TICC.  It would have some switchable (relay?) 50 ohm input terminators,  switchable PICDIV dividers for PPS/1MHz/5MHz/10MHz/15MHz (or 2.5 MHz)  inputs,  footprints for a decent reference oscillator (MV89/8663/DIP/etc), and a 12V to 5V (3A?) power converter for the  TICC and PI... most of the better surplus oscillators run off of 12V.  Also maybe add a data multiplexer for combining the outputs of two TICC boards into one data stream (but Heather could do that in software).  John has some ideas for a similar board.  


>  Wow!  If you can persuade John and TAPR to produce that, I would be there
with my chequebook before the ink had dried on the web-page! :-)

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