[time-nuts] Timelab question

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 22 16:53:24 EST 2017

A nasty bug crawled into my ear last night and muttered something like:

"Put the TICC counter circuit, a 1/5/10/15 Mhz PICDIV divider, input squarer, terminator relay, etc on a module.    Make a motherboard that 4-8 of those modules can plug into along with an ATMEGA processor.  Output the data via good ole RS-232 ... everybody can probably find a USB-Serial converter that works with their system... they may not be able to find a driver for a specific / custom USB device like an Ardunio USB port".  Oh, and put some footprints for a quality reference OCXO and some power regulators on the motherboard.

That damn little critter in my ear keeps burrowing deeper and closer to my frontal builditbellum...  I'm off to the store to see if I can find some bug spray before it gets there.


> For my own use, I'm also going to do a couple of 2U rack enclosures -- 
one to hold two TICCs operating independently, and another for the 
"megaTICC" -- four units slaved together to make an 8 channel counter

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