[time-nuts] Timelab question

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 22 22:20:50 EST 2017

Yes, it should.  Heather can input from a serial/USB connection or TCP/IP.   Your GPIB interface needs to stream data in a "talk-only" mode.

Currently my TIC reader can handle either time interval (period) data or time stamps.   It knows about TICC data with channel identifiers on the values and HP 5313x format (commas in the numbers, embedded statistics, and us / d flags),  or generic (untagged)  data.  I'm not currently handling data from more than one input device at a time or frequency data as input. 

 I need to add some code to handle potential phase wraps for time intervals / time stamps.  Also maybe support frequency input.

 Heather can process up to 4 channels of data and simultaneously calculates ADEV/HDEV/MDEV/TDEV for each channel.  You can switch the display / plots between the 4 adevs for a selected channel or a selected adev type for all four channels.


> Any chance that Lady Heather would support the HP5370A/B ? Does she support
HPIB in some way (or using the BeagleBone brain transplant and tcp).

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