[time-nuts] Hp5061 Cesium Zeeman adjustment

paul swed paulswedb at gmail.com
Sat Feb 25 10:38:50 EST 2017

Working on a 5061 that I can actually see the beam current on. Looking at
the manual it says to inject a frequency and there are several possible in
the 50 KHz range. But it never says the drive level of the signal to use.
Since this was fairly vintage equipment I might assume the coil was driven
When I drive the coil at 3 or more dbm. I see the beam current go down.
Is the adjustment done by actually driving the beam current down then
adjusting the frequency for a slight rise?
Or is it as the book says it should just be a rise from the steady state
Just my luck the tek gen I am using has a band switch at 50 KHz splitting
the possible Zeeman frequencies of interest.
Lastly I stumbled into a document on C-field adjustment from HP vol 21_34
must be 1967. It suggests the better Zeeman frequency is something like 38
KHz instead of 53.53KHz. If I use 38 Khz I do see the rise.

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