[time-nuts] Nortel NTGS and LH 5

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 26 22:26:00 EST 2017

Heather has an automatic GPS week rollover detection feature.  If it sees 10 consecutive time messages with a year before 2016, it assumes that the receiver has week rollover issues and adds 1024 weeks to the time until the year is past 2015.   This is indicated by the "ro" flag on the date line.

If you start Heather before the receiver has fully initialized or the receiver resets or glitches during operation this can cause a false rollover detection.   You can disable or reset the rollover compensation with the /ro=0 command.  You can also use the /ro=# command to add/subtract an arbitrary number of seconds to the receiver time.  Once triggered, Heather does not automatically disable rollover compensation if the receiver starts sending valid dates...  this is so you have an indication that something screwed up the receiver date.


> Looks like it's exactly 1024 weeks off. 

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