[time-nuts] Line Voltage [Was: Anyone (ideally in the UK) ...]

Chris Albertson albertson.chris at gmail.com
Sun Jan 1 00:07:20 EST 2017

Just a comment for anyone who wants to log line voltage v. time.   If
you have an APC "Smart UPS" battery backup unit these will log voltage
and frequency to a file.  The unit connects to a computer via USB (and
an AC power cable).

You can collect data over a wide area using these power supplies,
logging data can be pushed over a network.

I would not buy an UPS just to log power statistics but many people
already have these

So you might wonder what is the line voltage in your lab. If you have
computer "server" of some kind you might also have an UPS and then you
might already have logs of voltage and frequency going back for years.

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