[time-nuts] Update on TNS-BUF and TICC projects

John Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com
Mon Jan 2 11:57:23 EST 2017

Happy New Year, Time-Nuts!

TAPR received the production run of TNS-BUF boards, and the engineering 
sample of the TICC, from our contract manufacturer last week.

Both boards are nicely built and work as intended.

TNS-BUF boards will be shipping soon to those who ordered; some may 
already have gone out.

We will pull the trigger on the TICC production run by the end of the 
week, after doing a bit more preliminary work.  Delivery is still 
scheduled for early February.

Other news on the TICC front is that help from fellow time-nut Dave 
McQuate has yielded the last major module for the TICC software, so we 
will be able to ship the boards with fully-functional (though not 
guaranteed bug-free!) software loaded.  Thanks, Dave!


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