[time-nuts] TrueTime/Symmetricon XL-AK date reset failure

Joe Pendergrass w6vi at bellsouth.net
Mon Jan 2 17:29:59 EST 2017

Hello, all. I am a new member, having discovered this forum a few days ago,
whilst doing a Google search looking for current telephone contact
information for TrueTime/Symmetricon technical support.


For many years I've had a TrueTime/Symmetricon Model XL-AK GPS time &
frequency receiver in service here, which drives multiple serially slaved
9-digit LED IRIG-B remote readouts spread around my station. They display
the day-of-the-year [counted up from 1/1] and the satellite GMT time. At
midnight on each January 1st, the display always updated to reflect the
coming of a new calendar year, and the day-of-the-year on the remote
displays would reset to "0" [Zero]. On 1/1/2016, I noticed that the day
counter display did not automatically reset to zero, and start over. The day
counter display continued increasing incrementally, until 139 days ago, it
finally reset itself to zero and started incrementally increasing again from
[day] 1. Which means that the day-of-the-year counter function currently
reads "139," when it should read "2." The time display has always remained
accurate. I had hoped the day counter issue would resolve itself at midnight
on 1/1/2017; but nothing changed. 


I know that the TrueTime/Symmetricon XL-AK and XL-DC GPS receivers are
popular, and now that I have discovered this forum; I would like to solicit
feedback as to what the root of the problem is and how to remedy it, from
anyone on the forum having personal experience with this line of GPS
receivers. Ideas???


Thanks de Joe-W6VI



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