[time-nuts] Line Voltage - USA

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Wed Jan 4 03:42:19 EST 2017

> Did the utility replace the damaged equipment?

A friend lived in a building when the city crew working on a transformer put 
440 on the line.  It blew out all the electronics in 12 condos - mostly TVs.  
I think toasters and refrigerators were OK.  There wasn't any question that 
the city was at fault.  I don't remember how much paperwork they had to go 
through to get reimbursed.  It might get sticky for something like a time-nut 
with a lot of used gear that may not be easy to replace at the original 
price.  (Could be a good excuse to clean up and start over.)

How much trouble do hams have with their insurance companies?

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