[time-nuts] Survey plot as art.

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 7 17:53:04 EST 2017

> How do you display the survey plot in LH? i.e. the keyboard commands

If your receiver is running in a non-position hold mode then GI will show the "fix map"... in position hold modes the fix map is just a single dot at the center.    Or you can zoom it to full screen with the ZL command.  Depending upon the version, you can also try clicking on the lat/lon/alt info.  The fix map shows all positions received since the location reference point was last reset (CL command, or survey, etc started).   Each hour the color of the dots changes over a 14 hour cycle.

The default fix map resolution is 3 meters / 10 feet per division.   You can change this with the /tm= or /t'= command line options.   Issuing these from the keyboard will attempt to regenerate the fix map from plot queue data, but those are single precision floating point numbers and due to round off/loss of precision you lose a lot of detail and lower settings.

Many receivers apply some sort of dynamics filtering or "position pinning" to the receiver location.  This can distort the positions that the receiver is reporting and mask a lot of the effect.  Generally, Heather tries to turn off position pinning.  The "F" filter menu lets you control the dynamics filters on receivers that support them.

Lat/lon/alt can also be shown as plots in the plot area GV toggles lat/lon/alt.  Or G1 is lat, G2 is lon, G3 is alt.

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