[time-nuts] Lavoie WWV Frequency Comparator available

Martin VE3OAT ve3oat at storm.ca
Sat Jan 7 16:39:52 EST 2017

I have a Lavoie Labs WWV Frequency Comparator that is surplus to my 
needs.  It is s/n 450 but is not marked with the model number, 
although I believe it is an LA-800D.  I also have a photocopy of the 
operation and service manual, including schematic and parts list.

The device gives an oscilloscopic display of the phase difference 
between your local frequency standard and the received WWV signal on 
either 5 or 15 MHz.

The beast still works although the electrolytics need replacing 
(symptom -- one of the power transformers gets very warm after a few 
hours of operation).  And it could probably benefit from a proper 
RF/IF alignment (I have never bothered to do this).

The unit is too big and heavy to ship by any normal means, so "local 
pick up only".  However, I could meet you "half-way", provided it is 
within 200 km of Ottawa, Ontario.  Free to a good home.

... Martin  VE3OAT

(near Ottawa, Canada)

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