[time-nuts] Survey plot as art.

"Björn Gabrielsson" bg at lysator.liu.se
Mon Jan 9 01:45:00 EST 2017

Hi Gary,

> Yo Artek!
> On Sun, 8 Jan 2017 17:18:06 -0500
> Artek Manuals <Manuals at ArtekManuals.com> wrote:
>> Only 1" ?  (1" center to center or edge to edge spacing?)
> One inch edge to edge.
>> My gut reaction is that "coupling" between the two antennas may have
>> some effect on some of the variation.

For high accuracy applications, I have been given the advice to keep GPS
antenna separation much higher. 1 meter separation was suggested.

For comparing GPS receiver behavior its a cleaner setup to use a GPS
signal splitter (or basic RF splitter with suitable DC-blocks).



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