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   Bob, Dave,
The most big problem is to find a group of relatively close people with the will to spend many hours, months for this project.
Here in Italy I found some people who work in public university who are available to give external help, for example they were
given a Pirani sensor and they are available to provide a turbo-molecular pump.
I've found who I could also realize the resonant cavity and the necessary mechanical parts but not the team..
The main problem is to find three or four helpful people who have the courage to start this adventure.

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   On 8 Jan 2017 17:34, "Bob Camp" <kb8tq at n1k.org> wrote:

   > You are talking about a project that will take many years and likely
   > more money than the price of a new home. If that is “fun money”, then
   > fine. For most people that sort of commitment is a bit outside the range
   > of do it for fun.

   It would be interesting to see your breakdown of the costs and man hours
   for an H2 maser. I suspect that others would find cheaper/faster solutions.

   > Even as a “fun project”, I question the bang for the buck. If cost and
   > are no object, why not do an optical ion standard or a Cesium fountain?
   > I would suggest that both are more cool than than a maser and likely
   > have a lot more fun aspects to them. You then would have something
   > truly unique and not simply a more expensive / poorer performing example
   > of something you could have bought.

   You raise an interesting point.

   I suspect that if a serious attempt was made at a caesium fountain by a
   *group* of people, they might end up with donated parts from places like
   NIST, NPL etc.

   Commercial sponsorship could conceivability be an option to funding such a
   project, as could wealthy individuals like Richard Branson or James Dyson,
   both of whom are interested in technically challenging projects.

   $100 would not go far, but I personally would be willing to donate $100
   towards the cost of such a project, just to feel part of it.

   > Bob

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