[time-nuts] 5ms glitch on WAN ntp server peerstats at around 01:00 UTC today

Mike Cook michael.cook at sfr.fr
Tue Jan 10 05:07:36 EST 2017

  I saw 5ms offset jumps on most of the internet ntp servers that I am using at about 01:00UTC today. The servers are as widespread as NIST  Boulder, NPL UK, Hungary, Scotland, Spain, France, Czechoslovakia . Most but not all pool provided servers were not affected . It was not my ISPs or my routers that were implicated as the same phenomenon was visible on both networks. No local servers showed the symptom.
The majority of the affected servers are still showing the shifted offset, at+8hrs , though for a few there was a recovery to pre incident offsets withing a few minutes.

Did anybody else see anything at this time? If so have they an idea of the origin. 

Probably some WAN router reconfiguration or failure introducing large asymmetric delays. 


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