[time-nuts] Thermal effects on cables

Ole Petter Ronningen opronningen at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 01:52:18 EST 2017

Hi, all

The question of phase shifts in cables pops up every now and then on this
list - I stumbled across a good table of measured phase shifts with
temperature in different cable types in this paper:
that I though would be of interest to others.

A quick summary given below, see pdf for full details. Lots of other
interesting stuff in there also.

Values in ppm/K, for 10 Mhz except when otherwise stated. (The paper gives
values for 5, 10 and 100Mhz)

Huber-Suhner Multiflex 141: -6
RG-223: -131.9
Semiflex Cable: -11.5
Huber-Suhner: -8.6
Times Microwave LMR-240: -3.4
Times Microwave SFT-205: 7.7
Meggitt 2T693 SiO2: 30.6
Andrew FSJ-1 (@5Mhz): 25
Andrew FSJ-4 (@5Mhz): 10
Andrew LDF-1P-50-42: 2.8
Andrew LDF4-50A: 4.7
Times Microwave TF4FLEX (@100Mhz):6.4
Phasetrack PT210 (@100Mhz): 2


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