[time-nuts] Looking for GPS module (Exactime ET6000/Datum 9390-6000)

ziggy9+time-nuts at pumpkinbrook.com ziggy9+time-nuts at pumpkinbrook.com
Mon Jan 16 01:32:04 EST 2017

I’ve had an intermittent problem with my ET6000/9390-6000 GPSDO where the reported error (the FRQ: display on the LCD) initially is OK (low E-12’s) and then creeps up to the limit (~500), and the tracking and locked LEDs go out. I’ve spent some time troubleshooting this and it seems confirmed that the GPS module has finally gone south. I’m asking if anyone has a similar module tucked away somewhere. 

The module is basically a Trimble SveeSix-CM3 and is based on the 25040 board. It’s labeled 26889-81 so is a variant of the standard TSIP part. Can anyone help with a replacement? Exact replacement would be ideal of course, but even a standard CM3 would be useful - I’ve done other ‘conversions’ before. 



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