[time-nuts] Looking for GPS module (Exactime ET6000/Datum 9390-6000

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 16 15:39:33 EST 2017

I recently added code to Lady Heather to support up to 10 external com links (serial or TCPI/IP).  One is the receiver port,  one will be a TICC,  and two are "echo" ports.  One echo port echoes all the raw data sent by the receiver and the other does the same thing except the data is formatted as standard NMEA sentences.  

One could add the ability to echo out the messages that an SV6 sends and then any GPS receiver that works with Heather could emulate an SV6.   You might have to add code to send the proper messages out only when the Datum requests them.  That depends upon how the Datum firmware works.

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