[time-nuts] Fluke/Pendulum Counters - Rubidium Timebase

Ed Palmer ed_palmer at sasktel.net
Mon Jan 16 17:01:02 EST 2017

I have a Fluke PM6681 counter that just has the basic oscillator.  I was 
thinking of upgrading it to the Rubidium timebase.  From the service 
manual, it appears to use an LPRO, but there's nothing obvious regarding 
heat sinking.  Does anyone have pictures of this installation or, at 
least, seen it?  Is there any heat sinking at all?

I realize the firmware won't report it as a PM6681R and there will be a 
few non-standard work-arounds required, as well as an auxiliary power 
supply (the original needs this as well), but I don't see any 
showstoppers here.  Does anyone have any warnings or advice?


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