[time-nuts] Low CostTemperature sensor

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Google finds a Siemens NI1000 sensor that follows the nickel curve.
Nickel is popular in industrial control for cost, but not as accurate as
platinum. Converting the platinum curve to accurate temperatures
requires a second order equation, but has been done with 0.1% analog

Digi-key has ZNI devices as surface mount parts. Sparse data said
nothing about a platinum curve.

I'm curious because my former employer did very well selling platinum
RTD sensors, usually 100 ohms at the triple point.

Bill Hawkins

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A while back there was much discussion about temperature sensors.
One simple inexpensive one to consider would be the ZNI1000Temperature
It's 1K ohms at 0C and it replicates the temperature curve of the Pt 1K
ohm sensors.
It's about $3 from Digi-Key.
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