[time-nuts] How to create a super Rb standard

Bob Camp kb8tq at n1k.org
Tue Jan 17 08:20:23 EST 2017


Since the physics package in the small Rb’s is different than the stuff in the large units, 
you have some basic limits on what you can do to improve them. The main things people
have done are to modify them to turn off the temperature compensation and replace it
with some sort of precision controlled thermal enclosure. Pressure compensation is a good
idea on any of these parts (large or small). How much your particular unit benefits is a 
“that depends” sort of thing.


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> It looks like their is as infinitely small chance of being able to get 5065.
> So what can be done with the telco Rb's (mine are analog tuned) to wring the best possible performance from them? Sooper Duper power supplies, Peltier (sp) cooling modules?
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