[time-nuts] Looking for GPS module (Exactime ET6000/Datum 9390-6000)

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Tue Jan 17 17:39:59 EST 2017

holrum at hotmail.com said:
> On the chip with the "MX" marking on it,  what f/w version does it show
> (usually v5.02 or v5.10)?  I have a couple of CM3's configured for TAIP
> output, but I have the programs for switching them to TSIP or NMEA. 

Does the which-protocol get saved away someplace or does it start fresh each 
power up?

I went looking for the v5.10 on an MX chip, but I found v8.08.  After a bit 
of head scratching, I figured out that I had grabbed the wrong board out of 
the box.  My notes say it's a ACE-III.  It looks like the same mechanicals.  
Do you know if the protocol is real-close or just similar enough to use the 
same name?

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