[time-nuts] Li-ion Battreries

William H. Fite omniryx at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 00:16:40 EST 2017

Whatever makes you feel safe, Mark. The internet has a plenitude of horror
stories, some of which would make you think that the only prudent course
was to store them in an underground bunker.

Our study used several hundred batteries, all stored in surplus cal .50
ammunition cases in manufacturers' packaging. We had no explosions, no
fires, no spontaneous combustions, no drama at all.

But do what makes you feel safe, by all means.

On Sunday, January 22, 2017, Mark Sims <holrum at hotmail.com> wrote:

> They can be if you store them in something like an ammo box.   If they "go
> off" in the sealed box the pressure builds,  the reaction rate increases
> exponentially,  and voila... shrapnel time.   There's a video out there
> showing the results.
> Most people recommend storing them in nomex/kevlar "cell bags".   I keep
> mine, bagged,  in an unused/unplugged oven!  If one goes off,  hopefully
> the flames won't spread to the rest of the property and the hinged oven
> door allows pressure to escape.
> Hobby RC packs are one of the most dangerous type of rechargeable lithium
> cells out there... even from "reputable" sources and brands.   A local
> hobby shop twice had  brand new name brand packs sitting on the shelf go
> off.  A friend of mine had the same thing happen carrying a just purchased
> pack home in his car.
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> > They aren't bombs, guys.  Use sensible precautions and get on with it
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