[time-nuts] purpose of time of day display units

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Trying to troubleshoot those racks *without* being able to see the timing is
harder than if you can. This gizmo should trigger at the top of the minute. 
Did it trigger? That’s much easier to catch if you can see the minute transition. 
If the rack goes down, it needs to be back up fast…..


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> One must remember the original use of these displays was displaying IRIG time either distributed from a master clock, locally generated or from a recording (tape) They long predate GPS. There are more sophisticated units that include controls for the tape recorder so you could auto search to a certain time. Multiple displays could be used for locally generated time, time received from a remote site by fixed line or radio and time from data or video recorders.I have a number of them and one sits above my GPStar as the LCD on the GPStar is hard to read from across the workshop and it lets me have time available while showing timing or satellite  status on the GPS. Just picked up 3 more (RAPCO 104 anyone have a manual for these) at the weekend.
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> #5) Everyone likes blinkenlights. 

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