[time-nuts] purpose of time of day display units

John Clark jclark at masterclock.com
Tue Jan 24 10:52:48 EST 2017

Hello Ruslan,

Thanks for posting the picture and prompting the discussion.

We're the OEM of the amber and blue 1RU displays shown at the top of the racks and I can confirm that those are time-code driven displays.

The displays can be used as a confirmation of valid code for distribution - we can set the displays to show dashes upon a loss of valid reference and this gives an easy, quick indication to an operator that their TC isn't being distributed properly.

They've also got the displays set up to show local time/date while the red 1RU display to the left is showing UTC.  Many installations will have multiple flavors of time code being distributed and they may want an easy reference as to which is UTC vs. others and the displays are a good visual confirmation for them.

Additionally, all of our displays can also be used as countdown/up systems as well whether through software integration or using our count controllers and many operators utilize the count function within their applications in addition to the time and date.

My best,

John Clark
Masterclock, Inc.

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Hi, looking at pictures of various time metrology equipment setups for best practices and inspiration, I have commonly seen time of day display
unit(s) installed in racks containing processing or time transfer equipment, e.g., http://www.xyht.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Powers_Master_Clock.jpg. 
All that these units do is merely display the time of day and sometimes the date, typically by means of seven segment LED displays, of the time code inputted to them (typically IRIG-B, I'm guessing).  Any ideas why such a unit is necessary when one can simply look at the time displayed by timing receivers and time code generators (and even some standards), and the interface of some fusor, defined in this context as a system which performs timing data fusion (by implementing a paper clock or a more primitive algorithm) and timekeeping, either by means of a direct shell, or via something like NTP?

Thanks in advance,
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