[time-nuts] How good is the left end of your ADEV curve?

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Wed Jan 25 21:58:01 EST 2017

> What can I do at home, to observe such processes? Or is it way beyond 
> any imagination to participate in any such experiments?
> Volker

LIGO is a billion dollar experiment, involving thousands of PhD's so it will be some time until you can do that sort of stuff alone at home, or with your family.

Jim Palfreyman has mentioned before what it would take to do Pulsar measurements as a home experiment. Search for the old threads or he can jump in to remind us why it can't or hasn't been done yet. See also the thread a month ago about a DIY H-masers since you'll want some of them on hand before you start.

It's worth spending time reading anything about LIGO. The experiment is out-of-this-world clever, complex, sensitive. And it actually works! Unlike the particle physics tree, which seems to be nearing the end of bearing fruit, LIGO is at the very beginning of an entirely new way to study the universe.


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