[time-nuts] distribution amp question + hp 59309A

John Miles john at miles.io
Sat Jan 28 23:17:51 EST 2017

> What is the general feeling here about this issue?  I confess that if the amp
> output is transformer coupled, I see exactly zero benefit in a grounded
> connector as the feed from the amplifier.

This question comes up every so often.  It comes down to whether you want your test setup to look like a loop antenna or a dipole antenna.  Usually the loop is better if you're forced to accept one condition or the other.   You shouldn't break, lift, or otherwise mess with coax shields without a very good reason.  If you need a balanced connection, use a balanced medium.

Obviously if you're setting up a commercial 10base2 installation the rules are different. :)  But for sensitive work with low signal levels in coax, you will most often be better off if all of your gear looks like a series of monolithic metal bricks.   Ground loops are not the worst thing that can happen to a precision T&F measurement.  

-- john, KE5FX
Miles Design LLC

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