[time-nuts] J06 HP-59992A time interval calibrator for HP-531xx counters

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 9 13:55:56 EDT 2017

On 7/9/17 10:27 AM, Bob kb8tq wrote:
> Hi
> People *have* been known to sort MiniCircuits parts and use the “extras” in
> something else. A certain major oscillator manufacturer once bought a bunch
> of RPD-1’s , sorted them for the “one in a hundred” examples, and then returned
> the rest for credit…… Somehow I doubt HP didi it quite that way.

Some manufacturers will cherry pick for you.  Maybe the datasheet says 
gain is 14 to 18 dB, and you order a batch that you want to be 15.5-16.5 
dB.. They'll pick those out, but of course, now the remainder have a 
hole in the distribution.  Particularly when you're buying high-rel or 
space grade, where they have to 100% test anyway.

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