[time-nuts] TAPR GPS Experimenters Kit

Gregory Beat w9gb at icloud.com
Fri Jun 2 20:13:59 EDT 2017

Received a note from John Koster, W9DDD that TAPR had one complete GPS kit left.

Received #CAB083 (2.1mm DC Barrel Jack to Bare Wire/"Pigtail") this morning via AirMail.  
Took about 10 minutes to finish building 2 adapter cables for the two kits.
I will have to post photos.

I used an old Linksys router power adapter (12VDC, 1A) for power and an old Motorola ANT62301 "HockeyPuck" antenna (Marine screw-base) on the patio (some obstructions).

I could not get TAPR/CNS Systems TAC32 software to work under latest update of Windows 10 (I'll have to ask Rick, W2GPS about that).

Lady Heather, version 5 came to the rescue (Thank you Mark Sims).
Lady Heather recognized the Motorola M12 receiver quickly.

I performed a Hardware Reset and then started the Standard Survey.  
After about 10 minutes it was tracking, and continuing survey.

I did read the old coordinates and date from one M12 receiver .... 
it last operated in 2014 and its coordinates placed it in middle of Indian River, west of Melbourne, FL (Space Coast).
Many laughs about why the last report was in river:
1.) dropped off a barge or boat
2.) partially recovered from a Falcon 9 booster
3.) throwing contest from shore
greg, w9gb

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