[time-nuts] TAPR GPS Experimenters Kit

Gregory Beat w9gb at icloud.com
Sat Jun 3 12:22:45 EDT 2017

Jerry -

I rarely use "raw" Oncore M12 commands these days, using one of the 3 common PC programs: Lady Heather, TAC32/SynTAC, M12Oncore(old Moto pgm).

How are you routing that 1 PPS signal?  Does your front LED pulse?
I wire 1 PPS to the DCD pin (DE-9M, standard RS-232), TAC32 can be configured for "which pin" (DE-9M) to sense that PPS signal.  
This is why I prefer to use Mark Sims' Lady Heather or Rick Hambly's TAC32.  
TAC32 program has a quick setting for config. receiver as Timing or Navigation.

IF you continue to have issues, perform the Hardware Reset (Lady Heather).
That will return your receiver to default factory with cleared settings.

Greg, Funny.  
Some of the Lucent boxes have been in strange places as well.  
Can you please check your PPS to see if you get a signal when in that other mode (where it needs at least one sat locked)?

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