[time-nuts] PPS sync

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Wed Jun 7 05:57:03 EDT 2017

jerry at hanler.com said:
> Chris, I think you are onto something.  Running Lady Heather on this unit I
> see a line under “receiver” with the term “SawT” and a parameter of 24ns.
> So if we combine this information with what you teach below, it’s starting
> to look like maybe the M12 unit is doing something different than the
> Lucent.

The M12 is a timing receiver.  The Lucent is a GPSDO.

The Lucent will adjust the osc so it runs at 10 MHz and the phase is such 
that the PPS lines up with UTC.

The M12 tells you the offset rather then adjusting the osc so the offset is 0.

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