[time-nuts] Buying a pig in a poke - Zyfer NTP box receiver problems

Mark Kahrs mark.kahrs at gmail.com
Wed Jun 14 14:18:10 EDT 2017

So.  There was this nice Zyfer NTP box on the usual auction site.  I
powered it up whereupon it reported a fault on the ethernet board.

I decided to contact the source and after a while, the Zyfer support staff
responded and told me that the box was de-mil'ed by the buyer and I was
missing the Trimble Force 22 SAASM receiver.  Sure enough, that's why it
didn't lock!

Now, said box used a protocol known as TIPY (Trimble ...).  The question
is: is there a non-SAASM TIPY compatible receiver?  Or, is this just an
exercise in futility?

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