[time-nuts] Powering up a long inactive 5061A

Hugh Blemings hugh at blemings.org
Thu Jun 15 02:02:03 EDT 2017


I've been assisting with the cataloguing and, where possible, testing of 
a bunch of test equipment from a deceased estate.

One of the items is a 5061A which best I can tell has not been powered 
on for over a decade.  The High Performance tube has a warranty 
expiration date of 1988.  Serial number is 1936A01567 and has Option 01 
and 04 and has the digital rather than analogue clock.  Minor but it's 
missing the bottom cover.

My intuition is to set it to one side until I can become familiar with 
the operating manual and potentially bring power up to it slowly with a 
Variac or similar.

I'd be curious as to the time-nuts view on whether this degree of 
caution warranted ?

I suspect the Cs tube is long dead, but maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised ?

Would welcome feedback on sensible/cautious first steps with the unit - 
initial need, if possible, is a "simple" go/no go/does it power on ?


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