[time-nuts] The clocks at Windsor Castle, UK

Bill Hawkins bill.iaxs at pobox.com
Thu Jun 15 22:37:55 EDT 2017

Happened to watch a PBS/BBC program called "Queen's Castle" episode 102
- Four Seasons, that was filmed in 2005 at Windsor, not Buckingham.

One of the segments was about the castle timekeeper, Steve Davison. He's
responsible for 450 clocks, some 300 years old. His biggest challenge is
the end of British Summer Time, when each clock must be advanced 11
hours, stopping until striking finishes. Old clocks were not designed
for Fall Back. Takes him 16 hours.

There was a brief shot of his workshop, with a clock repair in progress.
No sign of a time standard. No discussion of leap seconds, either.

Tried to find him, but only found a 2013 ad for a time keeper to
maintain 1000 clocks in various castles.

Hope that wasn't too far off topic.

Bill Hawkins

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