[time-nuts] The clocks at Windsor Castle, UK

Andy AI.egrps+tn at gmail.com
Fri Jun 16 16:15:24 EDT 2017

Jerry Hancock wrote:

I’m missing something here.   ...

Really?  What do you think you're missing?

The difficulty with setting clocks +11 hours is that you can't just crank
the minute hand in a circle 11 times.  You have to wait for the clock to
ring before advancing the next hour.

Stopping clocks for an hour is OK but you have to remember to go back and
start them, and it's all a pain if you have 450 of them.  Either way, it
takes ... you guessed it ... time.

Turning clocks backwards is probably OK if the clock doesn't have strikes
for the hour (and perhaps half hour).  If the clock just keeps time and
nothing else, then perhaps you can move the hands either way.  It's the
strike mechanisms that get fouled up or break, if you attempt to turn the
hands backwards.


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