[time-nuts] GPS discipline oscillator vs phase lock

life speed life_speed at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 16 17:01:51 EDT 2017

I was afraid of that, I guess it doesn't hurt to ask.  Perhaps I could implement an ISM band radio link for the purpose of locking the two oscillators.  Of course that wouldn't reach a couple miles either. - Lifespeed


A *lot* depends on your definition of “phase locked”.  If indeed you are after 0.1 degree at 100 MHz, that gets into the “no can do” range. To put some numbers on it, 0.1 degree at 100 MHz is 2.7 ps. GPS time as received simply is not stable to that level … If you drop back to about 20 degrees, you start to get into the “maybe can do” range. 



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